About This Website Design

This is a demo church website developed by Friends of Ministry. While this site is beautiful, responsive, mobile-friendly and user-friendly right “out of the box” (the box we created with you in mind), it can be customized to fit your ministry’s requirements.

We have incorporated a little bit of real content from reach church websites to help you envision how your own content can fit into this design.

If we already host your website, you can expect a significant discount when you decide to upgrade to this or one of our other new designs.

If we haven’t yet had the pleasure of working together, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the cost of using our services.

Please contact us to learn more.

We would like to thank the following ministers and churches for permission to feature their content in this and other new designs (Hope and The Path) introduced in early 2022: Rev. Jim Rosemergy, Rev. Leona and Matthew Evans at Unity of San Luis Obispo, Unity of Vero Beach, Rev. Dr. Rick Belous at Unity of Roanoke Valley, Rev. Janice Cary at Unity of Fort Pierce, Rev. David Howard at Unity Spiritual Center Denver, and Rev. Becky Whitehead at Unity of Omaha.